Staron is an exquisite solid surface which can be used for all commercial and domestic construction projects


Staron is blend of acrylic polymer, natural minerals and pigments that is flexible and durable


Staron is manufactured by Samsung and offered in a wide range of colours


Staron is chemically inert and is a completely safe surface, easy to clean and 100% non-porous


Staron worktops are available with matching upstands and splashbacks

Each Staron installation comes with 10 YEAR WARRANTY

SM Quartz  is an elegant surface which has multiple applications including prestigious large open spaces and tailored interior design solutions


SM Quartz is crafted from quartz sands and carefully selected resins


SM Quartz is manufactured by Santa Margherita and comes in a wide variety of colours, texture and thickness (12mm,20mm or 30mm)


SM Quartz is resistant to flexing, abrasion and acids, and complies with international standards required for the food industry and safe indoor environments


SM Quartz worktops are available with matching upstands and splashbacks


Each SM Quartz installation comes with 10 YEAR WARRANTY

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Our worktops offer a wide range of colours, texture and design. Using both exclusive and budget materials we will make a worktop that is perfectly tailored to your needs and your funds



Laminate is a high quality decorative surface


Laminate worktops come in 30mm or 40 mm thickness and are available in a large choice of colours and design


Laminate worktops are durable and can last for many years provided that it is used correctly


We provide laminate worktops from Duropal, Axiom, Prima, Odyssey, Omega, Getalit, JP Custom Worktops and more


Laminate worktops are available with matching upstands and splashbacks


Our offering includes both post-formed and squared edges laminate worktops


Each laminate worktop installation comes with 5 YEAR WARRANTY

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SEE OUR GALLERY Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 13.20.05

Corian is a high class solid surface manufactured by DuPont

Corian comes in a versatile selection of hues, tones and colours

Corian is a durable and easy to renew because the colour runs straight through

Corian is low VOC, nontoxic and nonallergenic to humans

Corian is a 100% non-porous, stain-resistant and easy to clean

Corian worktops are available with matching upstands and splashbacks

Each Corian installation comes with 10 YEARS WARRANTY


Quartz worktops let  bring the best of both worlds - nature and science - to  kitchen, bathroom and throughout  home. Quartz countertops are incredibly durable and  are resistant to heat and scratches.


Quartz offers a sophisticated elegance and timeless beauty and delivers distinctive depth, brilliant clarity, glimmering radiance and a cool, solid unique feel to natural stone.


Quartz worktops are available in many thicknesses with matching upstands and splashbacks.

All our quartz worktops come with 10 YEAR WARRANTY


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